Monday, November 25, 2013

Art Every Day Month Day 25

It's already day 25 of Art Every Day Month and I've only posted 1 time.  I was hoping to have this spur me on to do something creative every day.  While I haven't posted every day or even been creative every day, I have worked on a few things that I haven't posted about yet.  I have made things myself, as well as made things with my kids.  I'm getting excited that they want to start doing creative things!

These are some of the things that I've been working on lately.

Mug rug with an etched glass mug
more mug rugs

Envelope journal (inside)

envelope journal (outside)

handprint ornaments and beaded ornaments with the kids

large hexagon lap quilt top (English Paper Pieced)

Upcycled girl's dress (left is the original hand me down and the right is the upcycled skirt with fabric given to me by a friend.)  New Christmas dress for no money.  I still have to make bow ties for the boys.  I had to buy some stabilizer, but already have the velcro and will use the same material as the skirt in the dress to match.  Got to love new clothes for no money!

Maybe, I'll get my act together and have some to post daily for the next last few days of the month!


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  1. Hi Amy! I love your mug rugs - they are so fun and I get excited when I see a lover of sewing! I have yet to make a quilt but am fascinated by the idea of hexagons for them but they look so intimidating to sew well with straight edges. Someday I will give it a try!