Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Art Every Day Month Day 5

I decided to participate in Art Every Day Month at http://creativeeveryday.com.  I'm a bit behind, but I finally got started last night, I just didn't post it.  Last night I started the hexagons for my first attempt at a Modern quilt.  It's going to be partially English paper pieced, then the shapes will be hand embroidered onto a solid color piece of fabric.

paper hexagon shapes

Fabric tacked around the paper shapes

All 8 hexagons getting ready to put on the background fabric.

Today, I took the shapes and placed them on the background fabric and started to embroider them.  I am on my 3rd hexagon and hope to finish embroidering the rest of the hexagons later tonight after work.  Then I have to decide if I am going to increase the size of the quilt or if I am going to keep it a smaller lap sized quilt.  I need to look more at modern quilting theory and decide how best to add to this quilt.  I am hoping to also make a pillow to match so that I can use up some of the smaller patterned fabric most likely using smaller hexagons.

Placement of the hexagons

close up of the simple running stitch to hand embroider the hexagon to the background fabric.

Being creative is great for your mind, body, and soul! What are you doing to be creative?


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